Different Types Of Painting Used In Building Construction

Paint plays an essential role in every home improvement project. Paints can convert the look and feel the interior and exterior of homes from dull to new. So, complete knowledge of various types of exterior painting services kitchener will help you to go through the painting project economically as per the preference of the users. Here are the roles that:

Quality Paint Plays in Building Painting Services Toronto:

1. Painting protects the surface of the building from all the adverse effects of atmospheric action
2. Painting offers an attractive appearance to the building surface
3. Painting helps to keep the building surface safe and clean

Different Types of Paint Used in the Construction Services are:

Oil paint: Oil paints are mainly applied in the interior walls of the residential buildings. These paints are usually applied in three coats, namely primer, undercoat, and finished coat. Oil paints are mainly available in two variations, glossy and matt. Glossy oil paint is applied on the smooth surfaces. On the other hand, matt paint is applied to the surface, which has undulations, which can’t be covered by putty. The best thing about oil paint is
that it offers more durability.

Enamel Paint: This is another popular painting option for building interior due to the wide range of availability. Besides, in many cases, enamel paint is also used in building painting services toronto designs. Apart from that, enamel paint is used widely in the doors, trims, patios, and porches and it can be used in the surfaces like masonry, wicker, plaster, concrete, metal, ceramic and glass. The best thing about enamel paint is that it is available both in alkyd and oil-based variations. Another great thing about enamel paint is that it can be dried and cleaned easily.

Bituminous Paint: This paint is mostly used for painting surfaces like metal sheets. This type of paint is mainly used to waterproof the foundations of concrete, waterproofing wooden surfaces, preparing rust resistant surface for cisterns and metals, priming the substrates before installing bituminous membranes.

Cement Paint: This type of paint material is used widely for painting rough brick walls. And therefore, this paint plays an important role in the exterior painting services Toronto. This paint is available in the form of a powder that needs to be mixed with water before application. Being durable and waterproof, cement paint is widely used for painting rough surfaces in the exterior of buildings. Besides, with two coats of application of cement paints, it is possible to paint surfaces that are prone to dampness.

Plastic Paint: This type of paint material includes different types of plastics as the base and water as thinner. Due to the availability of a wide range of colors and the attractive look and feel offered, this type of paint is mostly used in painting the interior of modern households. Besides, this type of paint is often used for painting interiors of the commercial spaces like showrooms, auditoriums etc.